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Ray Kroc Master of Adversity

Most folks follow sports and music stars, Todd Kaplan has been an avid fan of business leaders. Particularly those who innovate and reshape the world. When asked about adversity and the “never give up spirit” Todd Kaplan quotes Ray Kroc.

” If you are not a risk taker you should get the hell out of business”

-Ray Kroc


Adversity never stopped Ray Kroc – he thrived on it. Kroc was a door-to-door salesman for 17 years before he founded McDonald’s. Kroc’s tremendous resolve to hang in there even when sales were down allowed him to view adverse situations as mere potholes on the road to success. He was able to stay focused on winning because he knew that, somehow, every pothole could be filled.

Setbacks happen in every business. Possessing the tenacity to “grind it out,” to see problems through and to overcome obstacles requires enormous strength of will. That will is powered by perseverance.

If you persevere, troubles can always be resolved, and your will to succeed will strengthen you and your business. Even if your business never grows to reach the levels of worldwide domination such as McDonald’s, your chances of success are far greater than if you throw in the towel.


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