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The 10 Magic Words for Overcoming Adversity

Todd Kaplan Adversity
Todd Kaplan Adversity Coach

Today, February 8th 2014, seems like a perfect day to share a little something about the worst period of my life and if you continue reading, I will tell you the reason I picked this date.

I’ve recently had several friends and business associates contact me looking for advice on some situation they’re in or some hard time they’re having.   It’s amazing how grim things can look sometimes and how it can make an otherwise motivated person feel like just giving up.  I must admit that when someone tells me they’re completely overwhelmed and they don’t see a way out, I can truly say that I understand how they feel.  But, as hard as it is to see it sometimes, I also believe that there is always a silver lining.

By overcoming the adversity I faced and by speaking extensively with others who have found themselves in similar situations, I’ve learned some valuable lessons.  By telling my story to the friends who have reached out to me recently, I’ve helped them get through their tough times, now I hope that by sharing my story publicly, I can help a few others as well.

So, what are the 10 Magic Words?

“Never give up, never give up, never Ever give up!”

I know it seems simple, but it’s powerful.  There’s another quote that I found attributed to author Robert Schuller, actor Gregory Peck, boxer Floyd Maywheather Jr. and is even a song lyric for the likes of rapper Fabolous and country star Trace Adkins: “Tough times don’t last, tough people do.”  So if you want to get through this tough time, and you want to overcome your adversity, you can’t dwell on the bad things, you need to stay focused on what needs to be done.

I seriously considered giving up, giving it all up, many times during my eight year long battle with the US Government, but I didn’t, and today February 8th, 2014 marks the four year anniversary of the day the battle with the government ended.  However, the fight is not over.  I still have to deal with the court of public opinion on an almost daily basis.  I have to battle competitors who use the case to tarnish my name.  I have to explain the case over and over again to address the concerns of business associates.  I even have to deal with things I never expected like extra time going through US Customs after an international trip.  However I will always remember the 10 magic words, and I hope that when you or someone you know is facing adversity, you will always remember those 10 magic words too.